HRS protect workers and the travelling public during the maintenance, repair and renewals of our roads, railway and utilities infrastructure.

This includes:

  • Digitally enabled traffic management equipment allows remote road closure monitoring
  • Advance warning systems that provide an instant alert to the workforce in the case of a breach via road closure and works access points
  • Intuitive customer facing systems to inform and deter the traveling public from entering restricted work zones, significantly reducing unauthorised incursions into worksites

All our services are connected via secure and resilient cloud-based systems, providing access even in remote areas and operating in the harshest working conditions.

Our work zones are digitally mapped and are accessible from any device with an internet connection,  giving  authorised  personnel  real-time  information  for  informed  decision-  making.  Each  zone  map  provides  information   such   as   location,   working   windows   and any alarms, allowing works to be managed and delivered safely and efficiently.




Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) was established in 2011, following the death of a Road Worker in Lincolnshire, UK.

This tragic incident, caused by an errant vehicle, was the catalyst for the development of an Incursion Warning System for road workers which is now recognised as best practice by industry and Highways England.


A global network of SMART devices monitoring the location and status of all temporary work zones in real-time, whilst providing accurate data to customers and eliminating harm for the workforce.


Is to provide technology-based safety solutions that will help to significantly reduce injuries and fatalities in temporary workzones, whilst providing the travelling public with accurate real-time information.

Our Values - Forward Thinking, Reliable, Honest, Respectful and Trustworthy.


HRS is part of the international Work Zone Safety Group, owned by Triton Partners.

Triton is an international investment firm, founded in 1997. The company seeks to contribute to building better businesses for the longer term through partnership.

Triton invests in medium-sized businesses with management located in Europe that fall within the Industrial, Business Services and Consumer/Health Sectors.

Triton funds’ approximately 100 investors include, among others, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and endowments. Triton includes environmental, social and governance criteria into investment considerations and decision-making processes which help to capture long-term value.

For more information, please visit: www.triton-partners.com