About us

Protecting your workforce and your customers

HRS specialise in the delivery of digital services and assets for sectors in temporary infrastructure, including roads, rail, utilities, and event management

Making work zones a safer place to work
Warns workers and the public of potential hazards in real-time using smart assets
Advance warning systems
Provide an instant alert to the workforce in the case of a breach of road closures and works access points
Improving the efficiency and productivity of works delivery
Gets the right resources to the right place, at the right time
Intuitive customer-facing systems
Informs and deters the traveling public from entering restricted work zones, significantly reducing unauthorised incursions into worksites
Improving customer service
Provides live, real-time information on road closures
Digitally enabled traffic management equipment
Allows remote road closure monitoring

Our Values

Forward thinking





Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) was established in 2011, following the death of a Road Worker in Lincolnshire, UK. This tragic incident, caused by an errant vehicle, was the catalyst for the development of an Incursion Warning System for road workers which is now recognised as best practice by industry and National Highways.

Our team

From highly skilled software engineers to warehouse operatives, every member of our team is a specialist in their area and has been hand-picked to fit into their role. We have an exceptional Senior Management Team who lead our colleagues on a day-to-day basis creating a strong sense of direction and togetherness; supporting one another to provide high levels of customer service for our clients.

Triton Partners

HRS is part of the international Work Zone Safety Group, owned by Triton Partners.

Founded in 1997, Triton is an international investment firm focusing on companies with the potential to create sustainable, long-term value through changing economic cycles; working closely with each company’s management team to achieve this aim.

Triton currently invest in 45 companies located in Europe, with combined sales of around €18.2 billion and approximately 100,800 employees.


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