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Digital Technology reduces streetworks non-compliances to zero

Digital Technology reduces streetworks non-compliances to zero

The introduction of HRS’s Intelliframe® to streetworks across Kent ensured that Clancy Traffic Management received no offences or fixed penalty notices over a 3-month period. The company capitalised on the digital monitoring and updates provided by Intelliframe® to remotely manage permit details and signing, lighting and guarding defects and to ensure non-compliance issues were eradicated.

The Challenge

Incorrect or missing permit boards is a major issue for utility providers and their contractors. Manual recording, monitoring and updating leaves companies exposed to significant risk of errors and ultimately substantial non-compliance fines imposed by local authorities.
In carrying out streetworks on behalf of South East Water in Kent, Clancy wanted to improve operational efficiencies by reducing the number of non-compliance incidents including:

  • Incorrect or missing permit numbers on-site
  • Late start and stop notices and urgent works permit applications
  • Section 74 overrun charges
  • Signing, lighting and guarding defects

Our Solution

In March 2021, Clancy approached HRS to explore how digital technology could be used to address the issue of non-compliance and significantly reduce the number of fines received.
The solution lay in the innovative Intelliframe® which is a standalone street sign with a digital system and display built in. The permit details, including the permit number and start and end date, are entered into an online system. The permit number automatically displays on the sign and alerts are sent to the client when a site is due to expire, allowing the client to update the permit live via an online portal or a downloadable app. The signs are also equipped with a tilt alarm which sends alerts to the client if signs fall over or are moved.

Clancy agreed to trial 150 Intelliframes® across the Kent region for a 3-month period.
On 29 March 2021, HRS delivered 75 Intelliframes® and 25 road closure and diversion signs to South East Water, and created a geozone around all their sites which connected the 100 signs to an online portal. This gave Clancy 24/7 visibility of all signs and remote control of all activity within the geozone.
On 18 May 2021, a further 75 Intelliframe® permit boards were delivered and added to the geozone.

The Outcome

During the trial, Clancy received no offences for signing, lighting and guarding defect offences and no fixed penalty notices for non-permit notifications or late start and stop notices. Intelliframe® enabled them to:

  • Amend incorrect or missing permit numbers on-site using the electronic system updates
  • Eradicate late start and stop notices and urgent works permit applications because the alerts from the live geozones provided early warnings and notifications
  • Eliminate Section 74 overrun charges because the expiry countdown alerts provided by Intelliframe® flagged up permit end dates and allowed Clancy to take early action
  • Remove signing, lighting and guarding defects because the tilt alarms on the Intelliframe® alerted Supervisors if signs fell over or were moved enabling them to take immediate corrective action

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The Intelliframe® trial delivered both operational and financial efficiencies for Clancy. There were no fines recorded to hit their bottom line and with all updates managed and monitored remotely, supervisors and operatives were freed up to carry out their core tasks.