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HRS Helps to Create a Safer, Greener & more Efficient closure on the A5

Amey, working on behalf of National Highways, approached HRS to explore the use of IIPAWS technology to deliver the A5 patching works successfully, while reducing cost and helping roadworkers, residents and businesses throughout the works.

The Challenge

Work on the A5 between Stoney Stratford Roundabout and Towcester was progressed quickly after residents raised concerns through various social groups. National Highways conducted weekly inspections and multiple defects were identified. Due to the length of this high-profile and sensitive area within Area 7, it was broken down into several phases and covered approx 20km.
Major clashes with road space bookings (involving the M1 all lane running scheme) delayed the works from starting on the A5. Amey investigated the possibility of obtaining road space during weekends as the M1 works were Mon-Fri, the request was granted and the works on the A5 commenced in January 2023.
Each closure on the A5 had the challenge of dealing with multiple points of entry, residents requiring access 24/7 and having two vet hospitals contained within the works. Amey also had to account for the large residential aspects at Pottesbury where access had to be considered.

Our Solution

Tony Sheehan (Operations Schemes Manager, Amey) for the A5 patching works approached HRS to assist with finding a solution. All TM drawings were reviewed, we concluded that the Intellicone® Incursion Prevention and Warning System (IIPAWS) would achieve the cost savings and customer benefits, with an additional benefit of reducing the carbon footprint and removing operatives from any potential point of confrontation via unmanned digitally monitored closure points. We also offered Customer Communication Terminals in key areas to keep third parties informed and allow controlled access onto site, avoiding any third party entering unannounced.


As a result of this planning, the scheme was able to drop 1000 tonnes of tarmac over two shifts for the phase 1 section between Stoney Stratford – Towcester. Overall tonnage of tarmac was 4785 tonnes during the scheme to complete phase 1.

A local resident commented on how quickly the work was completed and commended the overall quality of the road resurface. Tony Sheehan confirmed that by deploying HRS’ IPAWS technology, it increased safety on the A5 patching works by reducing confrontation at the digitally monitored closure points. It also allowed the TM contractor to gain greater control of third parties entering onto site by allowing instant two-way communication at key areas using the conveniently placed Customer Communication Terminals.

TM Operatives reported increased confidence when having Intellicam® installed. Previously they used body cameras but found they were not a deterrent against daily confrontations of verbal and physical threats to breach the closure. After Intellicams were implemented during Phase 4, operatives had more confidence and saw a huge reduction in confrontations. Operatives confirmed that they felt safer knowing intellicam® was on-site, and the CCTV plates supplied by HRS enhanced the closure point.

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