“The system reduced the uncertainty around customer wait times by providing direct and immediate communication with traffic management personnel.” - TSO, Highways England


Customers can be severely impacted by temporary roadworks, especially when they live close to or even within the area where the works are taking place.

Communicating effectively with customers trying to navigate around roadworks or getting to their home is therefore essential to prevent frustration and potential harm to the workforce.

The HRS Customer Communication Terminal can be deployed in seconds and used in a wide range of application areas to improve communication with road users.

  • As a Portable Intercom to enable instant two-way communication between Residents/Road Users and Traffic Management crews during roadworks/level crossing works.
  • As an Information Terminal to relay up to date information to people affected by works taking place.
  • As an Emergency Call point within roadworks or other relevant works/events to improve the safety of road users and the general public.

Customer Communication Terminal


HRS - Customer Communication Terminal SES Case Study

HRS - Customer Communication Terminal Brochure

Smart Closure Case Study


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