Digital Services


Intellitag® aims to make routine maintenance checks a thing of the past. It mounts to existing temporary traffic management signs or assets creating a mapped digital twin, which can be monitored on our online Myworkzone portal. The portal gives you 24/7 access to your workzone which monitors the live status and location of your asset sending you an alert if a sign falls over.

Intellicone Incursion Prevention & Warning

Offering more efficient road closures and a selection of safety solutions for incursion prevention, the Intellicone system is being adopted by more and more forward-thinking companies identifying the safety, efficiency, and customer service added value benefits it brings to their business.

Customer Communication Terminal

Where residents are involved and require access to their properties, Portable Intercoms are a useful tool.

Intellicone Smart Taper

Providing remote monitoring with beneficial data, the Award-Winning Intellicone Smart Taper offers unprecedented transparency for efficient road space management.

Dynamic Speed & Works Egress Management

Providing the ability to instantly change the speed limit set throughout worksites and facilitating the safe egress of site vehicles merging into live lanes, these two solutions can be used in unison or individually.


New for 2021, Intelliframe® has been designed to be easy to deploy and utilises HRS’s proven Internet of Things technology to provide live monitoring of Street Works signage such as permits, diversion and general traffic management signs.


New for 2022 Intellicam® is the latest piece of smart technology from HRS which monitors and protects work zones. Intellicam® is a portable incident camera that gives road workers an additional layer of protection by recording site incursions, customer confrontations or other incidents in and around a work site.

Enhanced Mobile Carriageway Closure (EMCC)

The Enhanced Mobile Carriageway Closure (EMCC) is a technique that allows Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) contractors to create a traffic free zone for up to 9 minutes at road works. The technique provides agile delivery, guaranteeing start times, longer working windows, improved customer experience, reduced carbon and optimised efficiency. National Highways National Safety Control Review (NSCRG) has agreed that this is an accepted (industry) technique. This was achieved through trials with over 3000 uses across four National Highways regions. South East, South West, North East and North West.