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Customer Communication Terminal

Real-time customer updates and access to support at the push of a button


to improve communication between road users and road workers and reduce the potential for confrontation

Equipment to use:

The Customer Communication Terminal (CCT) gives road users, local residents and the general public instant access to real-time, accurate information while works are underway.
Benefits include:

The Customer Communication Terminal is flexible, responsive and it is designed to be tailored to your specific requirements.



Portable Intercom
In Portable Intercom mode the CCT serves as a two way communication system that can be placed at strategic locations to assist road users contact site teams to obtain information or help. This has helped improve customer experience whilst reducing the need for personnel to be situated at closures points.

Information Terminal
An intercom information Terminal placed at strategic locations provides real-time information on diversion routes, journey times, duration of works and other relevant details which allow residents and local road users to plan their routes around the closure. With personalised signs, you will build strong positive relationships with your customers.

Emergency Call Point
Using the CCT to provide an emergency call point for vehicle recovery services provides vital comfort, reassurance and relief to road users facing an emergency. At the push of a button, they can speak to someone, explain that situation ensuring that help is immediately on it’s way.

CCT Sign Plates

  • The CCT has been recognised by Highways England for its use on an M4 Project as a Free Recovery Call Point, receiving a Blue Star.