An intuitive, easy-to-deploy system that detects works vehicles as they are about to merge into live lanes, warning oncoming traffic via variable message signs (VMS)

The Works Egress Warning System is compatible with most Variable Message Signs (VMS) (please contact us for more details).

When the Sentry Works Egress Detector senses a vehicle, it communicates with a compatible VMS which then displays a timely and targeted warning message to on-coming road users. This gives road users more time to take appropriate action, such as slowing down and giving way. As a result, the Works Egress Warning System has the potential to significantly improve road worker and road user safety.

How it works:

  1. A vehicle in the work zone approaches an egress point
  2. As the vehicle breaks the Detector beam, a signal is sent to the VMS via the Geozone
  3. The VMS will display a ‘Works Traffic Merging’ message to warn the oncoming traffic