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Enhanced Mobile Carriageway Closure (EMCC)

The Enhanced Mobile Carriageway Closure (EMCC) is a technique that allows Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) contractors to create a traffic free zone for up to 9 minutes at road works.

The technique provides agile delivery, guaranteeing start times, longer working windows, improved customer experience, reduced carbon and optimised efficiency.
National Highways National Safety Control Review (NSCRG) has agreed that this is an accepted (industry) technique. This was achieved through trials with over 3000 uses across four National Highways regions. South East, South West, North East and North West.

The methodology for EMCC, along with the vehicle’s technical requirements is clearly specified in the following document:

  • Design Manual for Roads & Bridges GG117 – Design & Implementation of Temporary Traffic Management Appendix A

HRS have been instrumental in the development of the EMCC technique and are able to provide the digital element of the specification to the industry.

The EMCC Vehicle’s Digital Solution

A digital system is an essential and mandatory part of the EMCC vehicle specification. We deliver the digital requirements specified to underpin the safe systems of work accepted by NSCRG. It also provides enforcement information when required and enables users to be proactive in the monitoring of EMCC deployments and their safe application.

Our technology:

  • Warns the works vehicle/TM crew deploying the lead taper of any breaches via a near instant, manually activated alarm
  • Automatically tracks the distance between the EMCC vehicle and the works vehicle providing automated alerts when the distance between the two is at 500m and then again at 200m, as required in the EMCC specification
  • Provides a customised control device within the vehicle which monitors the onboard signage and enables the operator to raise an incursion warning alarm
  • Is flexible and portable to allow the audio-visual alarm’s to be moved between vehicles at the work locations
  • Provides all the time stamped information points recorded during the process on an interactive reporting platform. Additional information sources such as onboard video clips of incursions and vehicle telematics data are also recorded.

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The EMCC technique has been described by many in the industry as a “game-changer” and as “the future of mobile carriageway closures.” HRS is proud to have collaborated with the team who developed the EMCC technique for the wider industry.

National Highways Chairman, Dipesh Shah on awarding the EMCC Technique his Annual Chairman’s Award stated:

“The 2022 winner of the Chairman’s Award is proof that innovative technologies can truly change the landscape in which we work. They have put the customer at the forefront and devised an impressive new way of installing, maintaining, switching or removing traffic management, benefitting both road workers and customers and delivering positive environmental outcomes. We now have something that can be used on all highways, not just the SRN”

We are currently working with M&R Contractors as well as TTM providers who want to build EMCC vehicles and deliver this technique to their customers.

If you want to offer EMCC to your customers, get in touch.

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  • EMCC was winner of the Chairman's award and the Transforming Our Industry Through Innovation award at the National Highways Awards 2022
  • Over 3000 trials across four National Highways regions
  • Accepted (industry) technique by the NSCRG
  • Traffic free zone for up to 9 minuets at road works