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Intellicone Incursion Prevention & Warning

The Intellicone® system has a proven track record in preventing incursions and improving temporary work zone safety

Intellicone® is a system that enables safer and more efficient road closures by:

Warning the workforce

instantly, in case of a forced entry at manned works access points

Alerting the workforce

in case access is needed by authorised non-works vehicles such as emergency vehicles, gritters and escorted vehicles

Enabling full closure points

to be alarmed and potentially unmanned

Allowing remote two-way communication

with residents and road users requiring access to site

Deterring errant vehicles

and capturing evidence

Intellicone® is highly modular and can be used for a wide range of temporary traffic management scenarios. The platform incorporates an intelligent rules engine, which manages how equipment behaves under different circumstances, such as when a road closure is being breached.


  • During 2020 HRS recorded over 500 incidents where either the prevention of incursions or potentially live saving incursion warnings have been facilitated.