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Electronically Alarmed Road Closures

Traditionally, full closure points are coned, with – in some cases, additional plastic barriers. TM operatives may be stationed behind the closure to keep watch.

When TM operatives are in position, this can often draw the attention of road users wanting to interrogate them about the diversion route or even challenge them over why the road is closed. Smart closure provides the tools to alarm the cone line and remove TM operatives from areas of potential confrontation (either by Intellicone® cone lamps with integral motion sensor OR using the Sentry Beam). Opportunistic road users attempting access the closure will be confronted with an alarm which deters them from proceeding. Using this set up in conjunction with a warning sign (Site Alarmed, Follow Diversion) is even more effective. When road users do not take heed and proceed regardless, this will warn the workforce and TM operatives, ensuring they are prepared for a vehicle to enter the worksite and can get to a place of safety.

In addition to the ability to instantly warn the workforce, HRS offer a complementary camera, customer information terminal and remote controlled gate. This helps reduce the likelihood of incursions, remove personnel from harms way and and captures circumstantial evidence.