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Intellicone Smart Taper

The CIHT Award-Winning (2018) Intellicone Smart Taper provides real-time works information and updates to road-users, along with instant taper strike alerts helping traffic management teams keep the road network safe for both road users and road workers

Providing real-time information and updates to road users, it offers unprecedented transparency and creates opportunities for automation of road space management. 

Intellicone Smart Taper System has been designed to provide:

  • Real-time roadworks information
  • Taper strike detection
  • Historical data on-demand
  • Ability to interface with third party systems

An additional benefit of utilising the Intellicone Smart Taper System is the identification of any potential works clashes prior to workers being deployed to site through mapping on HRS’s Intellizone System.

The Intellicone Smart Taper System connects conventional temporary roadworks equipment to the internet, enabling remote monitoring. This provides instant alerts when a taper is struck or in the event of a vehicle incursion, triggering a prompter response, therefore reducing risk and improving efficiency.

HRS’s Intellizone provides accurate on and off times, location and work details. This allows traffic management operators to proactively manage their works whilst providing opportunity to automate wider road space management.


  • CIHT Award Winner 2018