Intelliframe® has been designed to be easy to deploy and utilises HRS’s proven Internet of Things technology to provide live monitoring of Street Works signage such as permits, diversion and general traffic management signs

Depending on the sign deployed our device management platform will alert users about changes in sign condition or for example, when a job is about to overrun its permitting conditions.  

Integration with third party Street Works information portals means that it is possible to automatically update roadworks status, resulting in a significant improvement in the speed and reliability in which this information can be communicated to road users. 

Permit Sign Features

  • Digital display updated remotely
  • Automatic real-time updates
  • Permit breach risk alerts

Street Works Sign Features

  • Remote site auditing
  • Sign non-compliance notifications
  • Automation of road space updates

Diversion Sign Features

  • Remote diversion route monitoring
  • Route clash alerts
  • Historical data aiding customer


  • Minimises physical presence on site to maintain compliance and safety
  • Improves use of scarce resources by enabling them to be focused on problem areas
  • Enables mitigation of fixed penalty notices
  • Reduces complaints from road users by providing real-time information 
  • Technology integrates with 3rd Party platforms

Key Features

  • Fully automated operation
  • Robust light weight frame (<8kg)
  • Electronic display
  • High accuracy GPS 
  • Minimum 1 Year Battery Life
  • All deployment data can be viewed on mapping interface and can also be made available via API



  • The Intelliframe technology enabled the first ever digital diversion route.