Intellitag® is a simple, digital device which creates safer, greener and more efficient workzones. It attaches to temporary traffic management signs or equipment and plots them on a digital map where they can be viewed and monitored. It provides digital updates of the status of your work site and sends instant alerts if a sign has fallen or been moved at which point, traffic management operators can send a maintenance team to assess and reinstate the affected sign.

Intellitag® is delivering data-led, event-based maintenance which is eliminating routine maintenance checks and, in turn, is delivering costs savings, operational efficiencies and lower CO2 emissions.

In one seven-month scheme on the A1 at Biggleswade in the UK, Intellitag®

  • Eliminated 107,800 driven miles of routine maintenance checks
  • Saved 33,000 litres of diesel
  • Saved 11,760 working hours
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 81.10 tonnes

Imagine the savings you could make on your schemes if you were using Intellitag®.

How Intellitag® works

There are three components to Intellitag®

  • Intellitag® device
  • Intellitag® mounting bracket
  • MyWorkZone web portal

The Intellitag device is attached to your signs or equipment using the mounting bracket. Once fitted, your signs and equipment become digital assets, and they will automatically connect to the MyWorkZones web-based portal where you can view and monitor your work sites.

It really is that simple.

At this point, you have a digital twin of your work site, where you can remotely monitor any activity around your signs and equipment. Intellitag® will deliver regular updates on the status of the work site but, perhaps more importantly, it will send instant SMS and email notifications if signs have fallen or have been moved, allowing you to deploy a maintenance crew to investigate and rectify the situation.

Intellitag® can be used on existing signs and equipment.

Our Technology

Intellitag® has inbuilt state-of-the-art advanced sensor technology and satellite navigation. This means that the device can detect when a sign tilts, falls over or has been moved, and it will plot its location.

It has global 2G connectivity and a long-life battery, all housed in an impact resistant case which ensures it is equipped to handle the toughest operating conditions.

Intellitag® operates through HRS’s MyWorkZones, a password protected platform which gives our customers visibility of all their work sites and provides them with real-time and historical data. This information allows them to make informed, data-led decisions which are more efficient and cost-effective.

Award Winning

The installation of Intellitag® on the A1 Biggleswade scheme has secured a Green Apple Environmental Award for Chevron Traffic Management who managed these works.

Intellitag® is also a finalist in the Highways Awards Maintenance Efficiency Category.

Industry Feedback

“Quality innovation at its best”Benjamin Ansell, Business Unit Health and Safety Manager at John Sisk

“A GPS tag system that’s linked to some very clever software! Attaches to our Quick-Lock Sign Post system, tracks the signs and remotely locates and notifies you of equipment that’s been knocked over or misplaced.”Grant Russel, Group Sales Director, Tennants UK

“We are currently using Intellitag® on a number of road sites. This means that we can monitor our traffic devices digitally. If a sign overturns or is hit, we receive a notification and can act immediately. Two key benefits:
✔ Supervision of workplaces takes place in real time, instead of at a given time.
✔Reduced vehicle emissions through fewer enforcement trips to and from the workplace.”Ramudden AB

“Another fantastic piece of innovation being widely deployed on Chevron TM sites.”Steve Pope, Chevron TM, Managing Director South

“Once again, HRS is at the forefront of delivering innovation to the traffic management industry. Great to see practical solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions and protect our planet.”Class One Traffic Management

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