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Digitally-monitored, unmanned work zones

A key topic of conversation on the HRS stand at the recent LCRIG Innovation Festival was how to create digitally-monitored safe zones which would remove workers from points of confrontation.

Road worker safety will always be a top priority for digital traffic management specialist, HRS, who has developed a range of digital products aimed at eliminating risks and improving safety. These products, including Intellicam®, Intellicone® and the Customer Communication Terminal, were on display at the event organised by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG).

Speaking after the event, Allan Stowe, HRS Regional Digital Lead explained the concerns among delegates and the solutions which HRS offers. “Unfortunately, many of the delegates at the Innovation Festival spoke to us about incidents where their workers had been subjected to physical or verbal abuse from members of the general public while they were carrying out their duties. It is a real concern and there is a desire, and indeed an onus, on companies to provide more protection to their workers.

“This is where our digital products can really make a difference. Intellicam® is part of a range of solutions that HRS has developed which protects road workers and members of the public. It’s designed to enhance our award-winning Intellicone® Incursion Prevention Warning System (IIPAWS). The sensors and alarms in the IIPAWS will trigger visible and audible alarms which alert workers if a site has been breached, giving them time to take evasive action.

“If a site is breached, the sensors will activate Intellicam® and a recording will be created which will be date- and time-stamped and stored securely to be used to fact-check the activity or to be used as evidence if required. Supported by CCTV signage, Intellicam® also acts as a deterrent to members of the public who may consider breaching the site.

“In addition to this, our Customer Communication Terminal (CCT) is an intercom system which gives road users, local residents and the general public instant access to real-time, accurate information while works are underway. It can also reduce the need for personnel at closure points and help reduce the risk of work zone incursions.

“The technology allows us to create unmanned digitally-monitored closure points and HRS has the expertise to build tailored traffic management plans for our clients. We are more than happy to talk to anyone who would like more information.”

For more information, contact allan.stowe@highwayresource.com.