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Exclusion Zone Technology Proves Its Value On The M5

Dawson Wam – M5 J4A-6 Smart Motorway Project

Dawson Wam was awarded the contract for the installation of permanent sheet piled retaining walls and king post walls for the M5 J4a-6 Smart Motorway project.

Piles are generally installed to significant depths into mudstone, and into sandstones in the northern quarter of the site. To ensure the site was kept safe, Dawson Wam used Highway Resource Solutions’ “Dual Sentry Beams”.

The Dual Sentry Beams were adopted as part of a quest for a continual improvements. The beams were trialled on the project alongside conventional systems .

Having been designed to work in a similar method to the Portable Site Alarm, when the beam is broken,  the alarm on the Dual Sentry is activated which alerts operatives of a workzone breach.

As the Dual Sentry beam is so loud, it is ideal for operatives working in on-site heavy machinery, such as cranes and piling rigs.

“The trials were so successful, the client’s team wish to employ the Dual Sentry Beams site wide on future projects.”