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Highways England Recognises HRS Customer Communication Terminal with Blue Star

CCT Utilised as Emergency Call Point on M4 Scheme

HRS are delighted to receive a Highways England Blue Star Award for the utilisation of their Customer Communication Terminal which recognises exceptional performance or new initiatives not widely used on other sites.

Highways England described the CCT as follows:-

HRS’ Portable Emergency Call Point is a customisable and easy to deploy interactive terminal that allows two-way communication between road users who have broken down in the road works or an emergency refuge area and a control room. The sign face can easily be customised.

All devices are monitored remotely and status, number of calls, battery can be seen in a secure web portal.

The M4 SMP has deployed 4 units over a period of over 4 months recording multiple uses over this period.

In one such cases the customer feedback was:

  • The unit was clear and understandable even with traffic noise in the background.
  • Reassuring that he knew people were aware of his presence and someone was on the way.
  • Good to be able to speak directly with someone.

Benefits of Blue Star Item

Breaking down in a temporary worksite means that access to permanent emergency call points can be difficult. HRS’s Portable Emergency Call point can be deployed in these locations to provide instant communication with relevant support services.

The system provides a significantly improved customer experience in areas where there is currently no permanent infrastructure available.

Instant safety information can be relayed to the driver to reduce the risk of an accident.

Gives reassurance that help is on the way and an expected time of arrival to the driver, this reduces a stressful situation and could avoid the driver taking unnecessary risks.

The signs can also be used within emergency refuge area that do not have any permanent infrastructure installed or if there is a loss of service due to a technical fault.