The Intellicone Smart Closure System enables operatives situated at road closures to instantly warn the workforce in the case of a vehicle incursion.

With the simple press of a button, the workforce can be alerted via audio-visual Portable Site Alarms (PSAs). The system is intuitive and ideally suited to every manned works access or closure point regardless of distance. It can be used to warn of errant vehicle incursions as well as access required by emergency services, non-works vehicles or escorted vehicles.

Vehicle incursions are one of the highest risks to roadworker safety. HRS’ Smart Closure System gives an instant warning should an errant vehicle enter a work zone. This system is now recognised as industry best practise in the recently published Highways England Raising the Bar 27 document.

The revised guidance for industry best practice is based on the outcome of a recent Highways England study which concluded -“The warning functionality of Intellicone will provide a much faster and more reliable means of informing road workers of a vehicle incursion than traditional methods (e.g. mobile phone/text-based broadcast message to others working in the area). The benefits of this type of system can provide significant benefit to the mitigation of all types of incursion risks”.


Alt Incursion Mitigation and Prevention