At HRS we use robust technology to deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

This ranges from lifesaving incursion warning systems for protecting the workforce to providing Network Operators with real-time data to improve their operations as well as offering the travelling public up to date information current works and journey times.

Our platform makes it possible to instantly create intelligent geo zones around work sites.

HRS’s IoT (Internet of Things) can be used to make temporary assets SMART by creating a Digital Twin in the geo zone. The result is an intuitive and robust system that delivers important safety, efficiency and customer benefits.

Making Existing Assets Smart

Highways Technology Geo Zone

Creating an Intelligent geo zone around the work site to monitor and manage SMART equipment in real time.

Highways Technology Geo Work Zones

Geo zoning all work sites means equipment is automatically locked into a work zone and will operate as required by the without any additional manual set up.

Highways Technology Smart Site Assets

Making your assets  SMART allows for real-time monitoring across all sites.