HRS provide a range of digital services which help Highways England and its Delivery Partners provide safer working environments whilst improving efficiency and customer service


remain one of the greatest risks to our workforce. On average over 300 incursions are reported each month.

HRS have worked closely with industry to develop the award winning Intellicone® Incursion Prevention and Warning system. Intellicone® has strong track record in preventing incursions and where this is not possible provides early warning to roadworkers to prevent harm.

Intellicone® is also used to reduce resource requirements on large closures and helps remove personnel from areas of potential abuse and confrontation.

“Without Intellicone® who knows what would have happened with regards to injuries or even fatalities” –Balfour Beatty Skanska

“Intellicone® proved a great deterrent to people attempting to enter the closure” –Kier Highways.

“The main benefit for me was controlling a closed slip road without the need for gatemen to watch over it as this fulfills our objective of reducing gatemen whilst still controlling site access and incursions. The logging of any attempted incursion also allows a heat map to be generated that will aid future design of road closures and traffic management in that location.” –Ringway

“In my opinion, without the system in place to give everyone a clear and immediate warning of an incursion, there was a very real and serious potential for injury, or a fatality. By having a robust emergency plan in place and the correct equipment to underpin that plan, we were able to ensure the safety of everyone at work that evening.” –FM Conway

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It is estimated that 5% of cone tapers are struck by a vehicle which equates to approximately 20 every day.

Due to the cyclic nature of maintenance (inspections) these cone strikes can go undetected for hours. This is a major safety hazard to road workers and road users.

HRS have worked closely with industry to develop the award winning Intellicone® Smart Taper system which turns normal cone lamps into smart lamps that are able to detect an impact and alert the traffic management crew and / or workforce. 

There is a lack of real-time data on roadworks deployments. HRS’s Intellicone® Smart Taper Systems provide such real-time data. This can be used to improve operational efficiency and provide better information to road users. 

 “We received an alert that a taper had been severely damaged with over 30 cones hit enabling an instant response. This was imperative as a strike of such severity could have caused accidents and endangered the workforce” Kier Highways

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Managing speed through major roadworks is challenging. There is a strong desire to minimise delays to travel time but not at the cost of roadworker or road -user safety. 

HRS have worked closely with industry to develop dynamic speed signs that enable 40mph during an incident, 50mph during peak site activity and 60mph when safe to do so.

This has helped open additional lane capcity early whilst maintain safety at all times. 

In 2020 HRS’s dynamic speed signs facilitated 2500 speed changes on a range of Smart Motorway Projects. 

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