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How Digital Technology is Transforming Traffic Management

Traffic Management (TM) has typically been an area where digital technologies have not been used. But that is changing. New digital services can help improve the safety of the workforce as well as the road users and help keep everyone informed about the works.

As one of the most dangerous jobs undertaken on the road network, we think that any improvement that can be made to the TM environment is essential for making sure everyone goes home safe. Here’s how digital services can benefit everyone on the road.

Better Operative Safety

Digital technologies can warn TM and site staff if an unauthorised vehicle enters the site, giving them extra time to get to safety. An alarm is triggered when the site is breached, either from a portable unit such as the Intellicone Smart Closure System, or by equipment built into personal protective equipment (PPE). Those extra few seconds can often make a massive difference to the outcome on site.

These systems also prevent road users from entering further into the site as the alarm is often enough to make the driver aware that they shouldn’t be there. As many TM personnel know, confrontations with the public can often pose a hazard. By removing the vehicle from the site without any involvement from TM staff, accidents as well as these confrontations can be avoided completely. Similarly, TM areas can also now be monitored remotely on smartphones or tablets using equipment like the Intellicone Smart Closure System. It gives the TM crew on site the ability to keep watch on the TM from a safe area without having to be physically present at every access point. Should a problem occur, the system will alert the TM crew who can then decide how best to deal with the situation.

Better Driver Safety

A live site is no place for road users. Some may mistakenly find themselves in a works zone, and the Intellicone Smart Closure System can help warn them so they can get back to safety. Some may not be aware of what their options are when a road is closed, so providing the information they need is important. Other technology such as intercom information signs gives drivers a way to contact the TM crew for information without the crew being physically present. These signs can also provide route and diversion information so they can plan their journey.

Better Management And Transparency

Using internet-enabled equipment, real-time information about work sites can be gathered. That way, everyone who needs it can access the information easily from any device using a secure online portal. Whether they need information on working windows, want to monitor geo-located work zones, automate incident reporting, or have an auditable information trail, having reliable and easily accessible TM information is a significant benefit to digital TM services.

Making Traffic Management Digital

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment, and digital services in traffic management can help make that happen. If you want to learn more about the digital services we offer, take a look at our Product page for more information, or alternatively, visit our stand at Safer Highways 2019.

We’d be more than happy to show you how our services work and what they can do for your projects.