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HRS’ Variable Speed Signs a game changer for 60mph running

HRS have worked closely with Highways England and its delivery partners to help facilitate the 60mph at roadworks limit trials over the past 12 months.

The resulting Variable Speed Prismatic Signs are a real breakthrough and a game changer.

They provide the best of both worlds, enabling:

  • 60mph running when safe to do so
  • 50mph running when there is peak site activity
  • 40mph speed limit when there is a breakdown or other type of incident

This means that depending on traffic conditions and works activities, road users can benefit from increased speed most of the time whilst having the ability to reduce speed to adapt to the changing conditions and operational requirements. The latter provides major safety benefits to both road workers and road users, for example during peak activity or incidents (i.e. accidents and vehicle recovery).

HRS’ Variable Speed signs are easy to deploy, autonomous and proven with over 1 million hours of successful operation on a range of Smart Motorway Projects.

Providing a range of digital solutions for temporary traffic management, HRS also offer a dynamic Works Egress Warning solution which complements the Variable Speed Signs. The Works Egress Warning System warns road users via Variable Message Signs (VMS) when slow moving vehicles are about to merge from a work zone to a live lane.

For more information on the benefits of Variable Speed Signs click here and to learn more about Works Egress Warning System click here.

For enquiries contact HRS on 0800 206 13 19 or email: info@highwayresource.com