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Innovative Smart Signs deployed on M62, M20 and M23 Smart Motorway Projects

HRS has successfully deployed Smart Speed Signs on the M62, M20 and M23 Smart Motorway Projects in time for the opening of additional lanes as of the April 1st.

These new Smart Signs provide project teams with the ability to vary the speed remotely, depending on traffic conditions and works activities; significantly enhancing safety for road workers, emergency responders and road users.

The Smart Sign looks just like an ordinary temporary speed signs, however they are programmed to display up to three different speed limit variations at the push of a button. The Smart Signs are controlled remotely via HRS’s Internet of Things (IoT) device management platform which connects all of HRS’s digital services, including Intellicone Smart Closure and Smart Taper.

Roger Poeth, Managing Director, said:

“I am very proud of our Technical & Delivery teams. They have managed to develop, manufacture and deploy the Smart Signs in under just 3 months and in very challenging circumstances. It would not have been possible without the support from our clients and their delivery partners, who have worked collaboratively and ‘pulled out all the stops’ to make this happen. Overall, a fantastic result for everyone involved and we are pleased to be able to contribute to the safe operation of the Smart Motorway Projects whilst they are completed over the following months”

For enquiries contact HRS on 0800 206 13 19 or email: info@highwayresource.com