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Intellicone Smart Closure prevents incursions during resurfacing works on the A31 Ringwood

Thanks to intellicone smart closure five breaches were stopped from becoming serious incidents.

The works took place over the course of 15 nights on A31 between Ringwood and Stony Cross. Due to poor mobile phone coverage in the area, site requirements, including multiple side roads to be closed, HRS recommended the use of the Intellicone Smart Closure System.

The Intellicone Smart Closure System is easy to deploy and is widely used across the Strategic Road Network. Using Portable Site Alarms, multiple closure points can be monitored remotely whilst ensuring the protection of the workforce on site. The system provides Traffic Management Operatives with the ability to instantly warn everyone on site irrespective of their location, enabling them to reach a place of safety before an errant vehicle could arrive and cause injury.

Every event is automatically logged to help improve data capture and analysis. In addition, real-time site information and the equipment status can be viewed at any time via our online customer information portal.

For enquiries contact HRS on 0800 206 13 19 or email: info@highwayresource.com