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Intellicone Smart Closure System Prevents Incursion On A36 Steeple Langford

Contractors working on recent resurfacing works on the A36 near Steeple Langford avoided a vehicle incursion, thanks to the Intellicone Smart Closure System.

At 8:50PM a vehicle approached TM Operatives at the works access point. The driver ignored diversion instructions and instead accelerated towards the operatives with the aim of entering and passing through the site. In response, one of the Operatives immediately triggered the warning systems audio-visual alarm, instantly alerting the workforce located inside the road closure. The alarm also deterred the driver from travelling any further. The incident was reported, the authorities alerted and the driver’s registration noted. Thankfully the Intellicone Smart Closure system avoided an incursion, in turn preventing potential injury to the workforce.

“Whilst we strive to prevent and avoid this kind of incident, it’s a great example of the kit doing its job! This incursion warning system is the way of the future for the dual benefit of safety to the both the travelling public and road workers. When Chevron first used this system, we noticed a significant reduction of incursions, proving we were moving in the right direction combat errant vehicles” Matt West (General Manager Chevron Traffic Management).

What Is Intellicone Smart Road Closure?

The HRS Smart Closure system gives an instant warning to the workforce in the case of errant vehicles entering a work-zone, whilst helping to remove Traffic Management Personnel from areas of potential confrontation. The system is also used to provide secondary alerts to workers when authorised non-works vehicles require access (i.e. emergency vehicles, gritters and escorted vehicles).

This system is now proven and documented as industry best practise in the recently updated Highways England Raising the Bar 27 document.

Why Use It?

Vehicle incursions are one of the highest risks that road workers are exposed to. Over the past decade several fatalities have been recorded and more than 1,700 vehicle incursions were reported during 2018.  It is nearly impossible to completely eliminate the risk of an errant vehicle entering a road closure. Intellicone Smart Closure System provides a crucial warning if all other measures fail whilst also providing the tools to manage the whole site digitally and more efficiently.

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