Our Intellizone® platform is at the epicentre of all our digital services

All our digital services have a common denominator, our intelligent work zone. This intelligent workzone (Intellizone®) is a digital version of your physical work site which allows us to provide resilient, automated services that work seamlessly for site staff and management.

Intellizone® enables:

Automated configuration and set up of devices

An example are HRS’s Intellicone® Incursion Warning Alarms which automatically pair themselves to a given work site based on their location and corresponding Intellizone®. This means that site staff do not need to set equipment up and it all works seamlessly to provide them with relevant alerts and alarms.  

Generation of real-time data

to automate workflows and provision of information to management and customers. An example is HRS Smart Taper system which provides instant notification of live roadwork sites. This enables automated updates to Control Rooms, site staff and  road users, all in real-time. 

Seamlessly manage complex situations with multiple device types

that respond to each others presence. An example are HRS’s Intellicone® Incursion Warning Alarms which set themselves up depending on the site requirements and other devices on site to ensure they always warn the right person at the right time. 

Intellizone® is a resilient, secure, cloud-based service supported by our expert Technical & Delivery  Team who are leaders in the field of digital services.



If you require further technical  details, please contact us.