There remains an ongoing problem with members of the public either on foot or in vehicles entering our worksites whilst works are in progress.

In-turn, this puts both workers and those members of the public at risk of injury. HRS’s Level Crossing Safer Track Worker System has been designed to:

  • Prevent incursions by delivering targeted information to members of the public (via interactive signage etc.)
  • Deter potential trespassers by warning them that they are entering a restricted area
  • Detect incursions, providing workforce with instant visible and audible warnings of any potential threat
  • Enable a controlled environment for access and egress of the worksite

Our system integrates with existing assets and working practices with little or no change to equipment or processes and uses highly resilient technology that has been operating on safety critical infrastructure for many years.

How it works?

The Level Crossing Safer Track Worker System uses a combination of technology and internet-enabled physical assets to monitor the site, alert workers, and provide customer information.Prior to the works commencing on site, a digital map of the site (a geozone) is created on HRS’ proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This ensures that the equipment works correctly, alerts only devices within the same site, and provides information to the people associated with that work zone.

Level crossing safety technology

To find out more about Level Crossing Safer Track Worker System take a look at our brochure.

Level Crossing Safety Technology Brochure

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