Local Authority Works

HRS provide a range of digital services which help Local Authorities and their Delivery Partners provide safer working environments whilst improving efficiency and customer service.

Over 80% of roadworkers have been verbally or physically abused by road users and 40% are abused on either a daily or weekly basis. One third of this abuse involves extreme forms of aggression with objects thrown at workers (RAC Foundation). 

HRS have worked closely with stakeholders to develop easy to use technology that helps remove workers from areas of confrontation. 

Our Intellicone® Incursion Prevention & Warning System enables use of unmanned closure points that help remove personnel from areas of confrontation whilst also improve efficiency. 

Our unmanned closure points are alarmed to deter road users from entering whilst optional CCTV adds can add a further dimension. We also provide customer information terminals that help confused road users get information on diversion routes or other relevant assistance (such as getting into contact with site teams that can escort them to their homes within a road closure).

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New for 2021, HRS is introducing Intelliframe® which enables real-time monitoring of signs critical to ensuring compliance and the safety of road users. Intelliframe® has been designed to be easy to deploy and utilises HRS’s proven Internet of Things technology to provide live monitoring of Street Works signage, making it possible to respond to events on site, such as signs that have fallen over or works that are overrunning, thereby enabling operational efficiencies, potential reductions in penalty charges and improved communication with road users.

In addition, through integration with third party Street Works information portals it offers the possibility to automatically update roadworks status, resulting in a significant improvement in the speed and reliability in which this information can be communicated to road users.

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