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More Digital Protection for Road Workers Following Industry Collaboration

A collaboration between digital traffic management specialist, HRS and infrastructure solutions company, Costain has delivered a new safety solution which enhances the award-winning Intellicone® incursion warning system and further reduces risk to road workers.

A new Site Safe & Clear feature provides a clear process that makes opening a road closure safer and more efficient. It also helps prevent miscommunication and logs removal times.

Site Safe & Clear is the result of close collaboration between Costain & HRS, both of whom are at the coalface of delivering traffic management across the UK and have seen first-hand the risks which road workers face when opening a road closure.

It warns workers if essential safety equipment is removed prior to a full check having been done. When removing traffic management at the end of a shift it is essential that the closure is checked to ensure that all workers have left site. Although this is normal procedure, it is not without error and there have been cases where workers have been exposed to traffic that was released before they had left the road closure. When this happens the likelihood of a serious injury or worse is very high and hence it is essential that the risk of this occurring is reduced or even eliminated.

Site Safe & Clear is a new feature which has been added to the existing HRS Intellicone® Incursion Prevention & Warning System and does not require any additional equipment to be used. It warns workers if the IIPAW® Portable Site Alarms situated at works access if full closure points are removed prior to workforce Portable Site Alarms. It also allows the Traffic Safety & Control Officer/Traffic Safety Supervisor or other responsible personnel to log into the work site and declare the site ready for removal.

Tony Carr, Costain A12 Senior TM Manager worked with HRS to develop the Site Safe & Clear feature:

“I have worked with HRS and the team for a number of years and have used their IIPAWS® incursion warning system on many occasions. I had an idea of using IIPAWS® to make the process of opening a road closure safer for road works so I called Roger Poeth and we discussed my thoughts on reducing the risks that the industry faces on a day-to-day basis. As always, HRS was open to new ideas and so Site Safe & Clear was developed. I believe that this new feature will help reduce risks to road workers and will also offer valuable data that can assist with further improvements to the way we work.”

Roger Poeth, Founding Director, HRS added:

“This is a great example of innovation through collaboration. We are committed to developing digital products and services that are industry-led and will improve safety, provide operational efficiencies, and give contractors and TM providers essential data to help them make informed decisions. We thank Tony and Costain for working with us on the development of Site Safe & Clear which now makes our existing IIPAWS ® even more valuable to roadworkers.”

For further information on Site Safe and Clear you can view/download our quick guide here

Or to request Site Safe and Clear on your site please contact us at Info@highwayresource.com