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Panic Alarm Protects Workforce On A13

M25 Junction 30/A13 Corridor Relieving Congestion Scheme

“The roadworks were breached by a motorbike at the site entrance point and so our traffic management operative activated the Safelane Panic Alarm to warn the workforce who were able to move to safety before the motorbike reached them”

The Safelane Panic Alarm System has been successfully deployed by Skanska Balfour Beatty JV on the M25 Junction 30/A13 Corridor Scheme.

Safelane is used as a three point safety measure:

  • With Red Alarms positioned at works entry points, potential confrontation with motorists can be defused by activating the alarm
  • When the Red Alarm is activated this records footage of the incident
  • Simultaneously on activation the Blue Alarms near the workforce are activate, warning them to get to a position of safety

“Its the business, just what we need” – TM Supervisor Balfour Beatty Skanska JV

“It gives greater confidence working inside the closure” – TM Operative

“The closure is more secure from the public” – TM Operative

“Its easy to set up and we use it every day” – TM Supervisor Balfour Beatty Skanska JV