Keeping workers and road users safe during level crossing works is challenging.

Road users perceive these closures as a nuisance which in some cases adds significant time to their journeys. This increases the temptation of some to breach the traffic management put in place to keep everyone safe. 

HRS provide easy to use systems that help provide important diversion and works information to road users in an interactive manner. This reduces the likely hood of incursions whilst our proven incursion warning systems are able to raise an instant alert to workers in case someone does breach the work site.

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Level Crossing Safer Track Worker System

The Level Crossing Safer Track Worker System addresses the on-going problem with members of the public entering worksites either on foot, or in vehicles whilst works are in progress. 

This system has been designed to:

  • Prevent incursions by delivering targeted information to members of the public (via interactive signage etc.)
  • Deter potential trespassers by warning them that they are entering a restricted area.
  • Detect incursions and provide the workforce with instant visible and audible warnings of any potential threat.
  • Enable a controlled environment for access and exit of the worksite

Our system integrates with existing assets and working practices with little or no change to equipment or processes and uses highly resilient technology that has been operating on safety critical infrastructure for many years.

Once the equipment is live, it connects to our intellizone service enabling the Smart Cones forming a barrier across the site entrance locations to connect directly to portable site alarms (PSA). If any smart cone detects movement (such as being moved out of the way for a vehicle to pass) they instantly emit a loud alarm to deter incursions whilst sending a signal to the PSAs, which activates an audio-visual alarm to alert site workers. These warnings give the site staff time to reach a place of safety should an unauthorised vehicle breach the work zone. 

The entry of authorised workers and vehicles to site is managed via an access request using the Electronic Access Board.  This device connects to a responsible person who temporarily de-activates the alarm system through the PSA device allowing workers to move cones and access site safely. All alarms and deactivations are logged for reporting purposes. 

The Customer Communication Terminal is another way to prevent unauthorised entry to site by providing members of the public a quick and convenient way to access help. This terminal can be configured to connect customers to on-site staff or to a control room for help via an intercom. Alternatively, the intercom can play a pre-recorded message which can be updated remotely if needed. A unique feature of the terminal is the ability to display a QR code that links directly to diversion information. When scanned with a smartphone camera, the code will open the diversion route within a mapping application such as Google Maps. This can help reduce the frustration members of the public feel when faced with a level crossing closure by providing them with helpful information required to navigate them around the closure. Each terminal sign face is easily customised to meet client requirements, for improved brand recognition.