"Intellicone enabled road closures provide a great deterrent to people attempting to enter the closure” - Kier Highways

"In a single month, we reduced incursions by 50%. This proves that by introducing Safelane, we were moving in the right direction to combat errant vehicles” - ChevronTM


The Intellicone Smart Closure system has a proven track record in preventing incursions and improving temporary work zones safety.

Smart closure is a system that enables safer and more efficient road closures by:

  • Warning the workforce instantly in case of a forced entry at manned works access points
  • Alerting the workforce in case access is needed by authorised non-works vehicles such as emergency vehicles, gritters and escorted vehicles
  • Enabling full closure points to be alarmed and potentially unmanned
  • Allowing remote two-way communication with residents and road users requiring access to site

How it works:

Smart Closure uses portable site alarms, customer information terminals and beacons equipped with technology that allows them to connect via secure, cloud-based systems to our device management platform.

Every event is automatically logged to help improve data capture and analysis. In addition, real-time site information and the equipment status can be viewed at any time via the online customer information portal.

Smart Closure Case Study

Smart Closure Case Study

Smart Closure Case Study

Smart Closure Case Study

Smart Closure Brochure