Intellicone Smart Closure System is proven to create safer and more efficient road closures.

It enables the remote monitoring of closure points whilst providing a deterrent to road users attempting to breach the closure.

Where local residents are affected by road closures and require access, Smart Closure provides an easy to use Customer Support Terminal.  This enables instant two-way communication with the traffic management crew, significantly improving customer experience.

Where traffic management personnel are present to manage work access points, Smart Closure provides them with the ability to instantly warn the workforce in the case of an incursion. Being able to remove traffic management personnel from areas of potential confrontation enhances  site safety as well as operational efficiency.

Using a secure portal, work zone integrity can be digitally monitored on the live operations map.

Historic information is also available through this portal, providing a convenient way to access site information. Using past incursion data, historic maps can be generated, and site-specific safety information accessed so that accurate health and safety plans and risk assessments can be made.


"Intellicone enabled road closures provide a great deterrent to people attempting to enter the closure” - Kier Highways

"In a single month, we reduced incursions by 50%. This proves that by introducing Safelane, we were moving in the right direction to combat errant vehicles” - ChevronTM