Digital Platform - HRS utilise the robust Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Internet of Things (IoT) platform which delivers real-time information on temporary worksites by linking smart devices to an easy to use device management system.

This  enables   the   creation   of   Smart   Geozones around work-zones  on  a  mapping  interface. Equipment requires zero set-up and is guided by the requirements set to a specific road closure via the Geozone drawn around it within ISM Studio. Custom alerts can be programmed, and bespoke reports generated.

  • All our services are connected and provide transparency of all works and real-time data, accessed via secure cloud-based systems, that are resilient and that have been operating for many years in harsh environmental and working conditions
  • Instant access to historical GPS and time stamped data
  • Ability to link to sensors integrated within existing traffic management equipment to provide remote condition monitoring  of  work  zones,  providing instant safety alerts
  • Automated working window and incident reporting

"An amazing tool that provides valuable data on working windows. It can tell me the exact times of all road closure installations and removals." - Manager Area 9 (Kier Highways)

Highway Resources Technology
Highways Technology Geo Work Zones


HRS use geozones to create a digital layer over work zones, enabling creation of a digital twin of smart assets used on the site. The works delivery is managed using a cloud- based rules engine which allows the work-zone rules to be established well in advance of the job starting and applied to a geozone.

Why Use Geozoning?

Geozones are the key to the operation of HRS’ Smart Solutions. Creating a digital twin of a physical works site in a mapping system enables control over HRS Smart Devices. The geozone-based device management system ensures that:

  • Only devices on the same site alert each other
  • Rule sets are applied to specific geozones only
  • Email or text alerts are sent only to people associated with the worksite (geozone), for example, when there is a taper strike alert or incursion warning