Digital Platform - HRS utilise the robust Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Internet of Things (IoT) platform which delivers real-time information on temporary worksites by linking smart devices to an easy to use device management system.

This  enables   the   creation   of   Smart   Geozones around work-zones  on  a  mapping  interface. Equipment requires zero set-up and is guided by the requirements set to a specific road closure via the Geozone drawn around it within ISM Studio. Custom alerts can be programmed, and bespoke reports generated.

  • All our services are connected and provide transparency of all works and real-time data, accessed via secure cloud-based systems, that are resilient and that have been operating for many years in harsh environmental and working conditions
  • Instant access to historical GPS and time stamped data
  • Ability to link to sensors integrated within existing traffic management equipment to provide remote condition monitoring  of  work  zones,  providing instant safety alerts
  • Automated working window and incident reporting

"An amazing tool that provides valuable data on working windows. It can tell me the exact times of all road closure installations and removals." - Manager Area 9 (Kier Highways)

Highway Resources Technology
Highways Technology Geo Work Zones

CIHT Innovation Awards 2018

“The judges were impressed by the entry’s well thought through proven practical applications – enhancing safety for road users and road workers, especially through  early alert systems. It  addresses  the riskiest elements of working on the highway by reducing human error throughout the traffic management cycle – deployment, operations and removal. It also potentially automates notifications, enabling rapid response to changing situations.

There is clear potential for much wider application across highway related works. It also provides auditable assurance to clients, CDM holders and management.”

CIHT Innovation Award Winners