Variable Speed Signs represent a new way of thinking when comes to variable signage for temporary deployment.

Combining mechanically variable signs with our proprietary 'Internet of Things' control and power management systems, we provide a rapidly deployable solution for a wide range of applications.

The Variable Speed Sign is a rapidly deployable Smart Sign that can operate autonomously and does not require mains power or other hardwired communication networks. HRS’ secure geozone based control system enables groups of signs to be managed separately - such as for different phases of works – providing granular control across the entire site.

How it works:

A speed change is requested by the control room and the Smart Signs in selected geozones change the speed displayed. Our device management platform confirms and records the speed change, monitoring in real-time all Smart Signs to help provide an objective audit trail and accurate data for future planning.

Variable Speed Signs technology

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Variable Speed Signs Technology Brochure

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