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How Intellitag® is future proofing diversion routes

Intellitag® enabled Networx Utilities to digitise a diversion route on a closure on Flordon Road in Ipswich, this enabled them to digitally monitor the closure 24/7, it even helped them to contest a complaint.

Intellitag® was mounted to all the Tennants Quick-Lock posts on the Flordon Road closure which allowed each sign to be monitored live on our Myworkzone portal. This enabled the Operatives onsite to know if a sign had been compromised and more importantly ensured that residents and travelling public were kept informed of the closure and the available diversion route.


During the closure, Networx Utilities received a complaint that the road closure signs were missing. As there had been no alert sent by Intellitag® regarding this sign, Networx Utilities were confident that this information was incorrect. Thanks to Intellitag® and Myworkzone Networx Utilities were able to view the disputed sign on the portal in real time and obtain a screen shot off the digital platform to immediately contest the complaint.

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