Giving workers an extra layer of protection by recording site incidents

Intellicam® is the latest piece of smart technology from HRS which monitors and protects work zones. Intellicam® is a portable incident camera that gives road workers an additional layer of protection by recording site incursions, customer confrontations or other incidents in and around a work site.

Triggered by motion sensors and detectors, Intellicam® captures video footage of breaches to a work site. Intellicam® is full of high tech; the camera automatically clips the footage to provide an HD recording of the activity before, during and after the event. The recording is date- and time-stamped and stored securely – ready to be instantly reviewed, and used as evidence at a later date if required.

Key benefits

  • 360-degree high-definition camera Four 1080p HD night vision cameras provide full coverage of the area and captures full-colour, high-definition recordings.
  • Specific footage Intellicam® removes the need to filter through hours of unnecessary recordings as it captures the exact moments before, during and after an incident takes place.
  • Immediate access to footage Recordings are encrypted and stored on the device and within HRS’s secure cloud storage and are available as soon as they are captured.
  • Compliant footage All footage is date- and time-stamped, and supported by signage to ensure that it can be used as evidence if required.
  • Portable Intellicam® is a lightweight system which can be set up in minutes by just one person, and can be easily moved if required.
  • Versatile Intellicam® links to other HRS work zone safety solutions (see below).

Intellicam® links to Intellicone® Portable Site Alarms, Closure Beacons or our IIPAWS system which are proven to provide digital security around work zones. The sensors and alarms in these systems will trigger visible and audible alarms which alert workers if a site has been breached, giving them time to take evasive action.

If a site is breached, the sensors will activate Intellicam® which will create a recording of the activity before, during and after the event. This clip will be date- and time-stamped and stored securely to be used to fact-check the activity or to be used as evidence if required.

Intellicam® also links to our cloud-based Intellizone platform which gives you a digital representation of your entire work zone, giving you complete visibility and monitoring of Intellicam®, and all other HRS smart products and devices in your work zone – all from a remote and safe location.