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IIPAWS® makes resurfacing works safer and easier

The installation of HRS' Intellicone® Incursion Prevention & Warning System (IIPAWS®) on resurfacing works at Kiln Lane, Epsom, Surrey has improved safety, delivered operational efficiencies, and ensured that Sainsbury's and Royal Mail were able to maintain normal service delivery without disruption.

The Challenge

Essential surfacing works were scheduled for Kiln Lane roundabout which necessitated the full closure of the carriageway for a five-day period. Ringway Surrey was the main contractor, supported by Triplex Traffic Management. As with every closure, road worker safety is paramount and Triplex wanted to ensure that their workers and subcontractors were safe from potential incursions and had minimal contact with road users to avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

An additional challenge was that two major businesses, Sainsbury’s and Royal Mail, had depots located within the closure. The potential for serious disruption to their operations during these works was significant.

Our Solution

Having previously used IIPAWS® on other works, Triplex approached HRS to explore the possibility of installing this system at the closure points of the Kiln Lane works. On previous works, they had experienced an unauthorised incursion but thanks to IIPAWS® their workers had time to get to a place of safety.

After discussing the closure with Triplex we agreed that installing IIPAWS® at closure points would allow them full digital control of closure points onsite. Whilst also allowing them to manage authorised access for vehicles from Sainsbury’s and Royal mail.

IIPAWS® Portable Site Alarms were installed at the closure points, supported by Intellicam® to capture video footage of any unauthorised incursions which could be used to challenge complaints or pursue prosecutions.


The Outcome

The installation of IIPAWS® on these works delivered a number of benefits including:

  • Cost savings – by placing the Portable Site Alarms at the closure points, the client was able to remove operatives from two side road closures who were deployed elsewhere.
  • Safer & more confident workers – The IIPAWS® alarm system supported by the Intellicam® incident cameras reassured workers that they would be alerted of any incursions, giving them time to get to a place of safety.
  • Minimal disruption to business – IIPAWS® allowed controlled access to be given to Sainsbury’s and Royal Mail delivery drivers which ensured that they maintained normal service with no major delays to their operations.

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