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Intellicam® improves safety and makes transport easier

HTM approached HRS to explore incident recording technology and digital incursion warning systems to reduce confrontations and give their workers a greater sense of security. The solution also delivered operational efficiencies.

The Challenge

HTM were contracted by Kier to install a road closure/diversions to support resurfacing works on the IWP in Birmingham. Unfortunately, as a result of the works, road workers were subjected to significant levels of abuse and conflict from members of the public. As a result, Kier and HTM were concerned about worker safety while the workers felt uneasy and at risk in their place of work and contacted HRS to discuss potential solutions.

Our Solution

HRS recommended a two-pronged approach; the installation of Intellicam® at the points of closure, supported by clear signage advising that CCTV surveillance was in operation. We also recommended that Intellicone® Portable Site Alarms (PSA) were also installed. I

Intellicam® is a portable, free-standing incident camera that captures site incursions, customer confrontations or any other activity in and around a work site. It automatically clips the footage to provide a high-definition recording of the activity before, during and after the event. It differs from body cameras because it is not worn by road workers. When a road user is irate because of road works, the sight of a worker wearing and activating a body camera can aggravate an already volatile situation. Intellicam® removes the risk of further aggravation.

Additionally, four high-definition cameras in the Intellicam® captures a panoramic recording of the interaction with the road user which can be used as evidence if required.

The Intellicone® PSA gave road workers an additional layer of protection by acting as a panic button. If a member of the public is not deterred by the Intellicam®, workers can push a button on the Intellicone® PSA to alert colleagues and call for assistance.

Eight Intellicam® and Intellicone® PSAs have been in operation for approximately 9 months on the IWP Scheme.


Kier and HTM reported four significant outcomes.

  • Reduced confrontations
    The Intellicam® acted as an immediate deterrent to irate members of the public and the client saw an immediate improvement in the number of confrontations they faced.
  • Confident workers
    The installation of the Intellicone® PSAs gave the workers a greater sense of security and made them feel more secure and protected while on site.
  • Easier transport
    An added benefit which the client has reported is in relation to transporting equipment to and from the site. Intellicam® is lightweight, portable and easily installed. The components took up significantly less space than previous cameras used which freed up space on the vehicles for other equipment. It also only took 2 – 5 minutes to install.
  • Remote Monitoring
    The Intellicams® and Intellicone® PSA were connected via HRS’ MyWorkZone portal which allowed site managers or contract coordinators to monitor the site remotely and react immediately where necessary.

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