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Preventing an Incursion on the A180

The Safelane Incursion System was innovatively used on the A180 by A-One+ Area 12. The system which consisted of a full closure point (yellow alarm and Intellicone Cone Lamps), 1 check point (orange alarm, panic alarm & CCTV) and 1 workforce alarm (blue alarm), was used overnight as a pre-works scheme, to allow safe implementation of the daytime network traffic management, site materials and plant.

The Check Point was positioned to receive an alarm from the full closure point if this was breached and a sa secondary safety stop ahead of the workforce. The fact that the Check Point was manned allowed the Operative to assess the situation and only alert the work force (Blue Alarm) if necessary. During the incident as outlined the motorist was deterred from proceeding hence the Check Point crew only needed to reinstate the traffic management at the closure point.

“The system was easy to set up”.- TM Operative Area 12

“With Safelane in place, there was no need to man the entry slip, saving on man power”.- TM Supervisor Area 12

“It gives greater confidence working inside the closure”.- TM Operative Area 12

“The closure is more secure from the public”.– TM Operative Area 12

“Safelane is easy to understand”.– TM Operative Area 12


“On the East entry slip road, the Intellicone enabled cone lamps were moved by a motorist activating the local alarm and the Checkpoint alarm. The local alarm acted as a deterrent and the motorist moved on without entering site”