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Preventing Cyclist Incursions In Lake District

The Safelane System was deployed on a full road closure on the A66 near Bassenthwaite Lake to provide and advance warning to the workforce on any incursions by vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

The Intellicone enabled cone barrier was set up with an Intellicone Portable Site Alarm to act as a deterrent and an Intellicone Portable Site Alarm near the workforce.

“The road closure was breached multiple times by cyclists attempting to enter through the Intellicone enabled cone barrier. The Safelane incursion system alerted the workforce everytime. The system proved a great deterrent with a large number of attempted incursions aborted by cyclists hearing/ seeing the Audio Visual Portable Site Alarm”

“The Safelane Incursion System alerted the workforce of breaches”

“The workforce can prepare for any unauthorised personnel or vehicles that may access the worksite”

“The Intellicone enabled cone barrier proved a good deterrent”

“With the Intellicone warning system the workforce is made aware of any possible incursions”