Works access points can be vulnerable to incursions by road users who do not want to follow a diversion route

Although airlocks have made a significant difference in reducing follow-ins and incursions by confused road users, they do not stop incursions by desperate or even violent people. Providing TM operatives with Red PSAs and Wireless Incursion Buttons has proven to be a very effective method of warning the workforce if all else fails. Moreover, there are numerous case studies where road users forcing entry have stopped when the alarm was raised. As a result, both TM operatives and the workforce feel safer.

“In my opinion, without the system in place to give everyone a clear and immediate warning of an incursion, there was a very real and serious potential for injury, or a fatality. By having a robust emergency plan in place and the correct equipment to underpin that plan, we were able to ensure the safety of everyone at work that evening.” –Traffic Safety and Control Officer, FM Conway

In addition to the incursion alarm, the Red PSA has a secondary blue alert function. This can be used to alert road workers of emergency vehicles, escorted vehicles and gritters. Many clients already use the system for these purposes and include this information as part of their site inductions. In the case of escorting vehicles through site, it can also reduce delays compared to traditional communication via mobile phone.

In addition to the ability to instantly warn the workforce, HRS offer a complementary camera and remote controlled gate. This helps support gate personnel and to capture circumstantial evidence.